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Read on for more information on the settlement and the timeline of relevant dates for beneficiaries.

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States have a rare opportunity to make significant progress on reducing harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from mobile sources through the use of funds from the Volkswagen Settlement. Though emissions sources vary by state, light-duty vehicles are the single largest mobile source of NOx emissions in the United States. Encouraging the deployment of EVs is an effective way to reduce NOx emissions and for states to meet other environmental goals.

Appendix D of the settlement established a $2.7 billion Environmental Mitigation Trust allocated proportionally to each state and to be administered by a court-appointed Trustee. The Trust allows for a 15 percent allocation to fund light-duty zero emission vehicle infrastructure. States must submit Mitigation Plans to the Trustee in order to secure funding from the Trust within 90 days of being designated as a beneficiary.

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VW Settlement Timeline

Wilmington Trust was appointed as the Trustee on March 15, 2017, but this event does not mark the Trust Effective Data from the timeline below.
Timeframe of relevant dates for beneficiaries to access and spend Mitigation Trust funding (source: C2ES)